Professional Portfolio

Daniel D Video provides high-quality video production services in the Chicagoland area.


Travel Video

"I never thought about traveling to Thailand before, but now I NEED to go there!"

I heard this phrase several times after this video went live. It just goes to show how a simple passion project can draw attention to the beauty of this slice of Earth.

Promotional Videos

Video is an incredibly engaging medium. In fact, Webpages and Product Pages with video get 4x more engagement than text and photos alone. We love to make powerful, heart-pounding videos that inspire people toward action.

Highlight Videos

After all the time, money, and effort it takes to pull off a spectacular event, it deserves to be captured in a spectacular way so it can be relived with the same amount of grandeur!

This kind of video is incredibly useful when it comes to promoting reoccurring events.

Brand Videos

Often, one video will serve as a first impression to your fans, customers, or donors.

Trying to communicate everything you believe and what you do in just a minute or two can be difficult. That’s where we come in.

Teaching Videos

Video has become one of the most effective ways to communicate information. It allows you to showcase your personality, wit, and humor while adding in sharp, visual aids to help demonstrate more challenging concepts. 

This Video is a brief, practical introduction to 1 of the 5 Love Languages [Gary Chapman] for the purpose of an educational series on relationships.

Music Videos

Music and Video both have the ability to use subtle cues and influences to speak directly to our mind and heart. They were made for each other and that's why our music videos aim to capture the true heart and soul of both the song and the artist

This video is a music video for YouTube Sensation "Maddi Jane." Two of our videos for Maddi Jane have 2.4 million views each.

Wedding Videos

Marriage is one of the most beautiful practices in all of human culture. When two people choose to commit the rest of their lives in service to each other, there is a story to be told. We want to capture that story and present it in a timeless format that will incite intense feelings of emotion and beauty centuries after the day has passed.

Live Stream

More and more audiences are asking for true, genuine ways to connect with the people and brands that they love. Live Stream creates an authentic platform where your followers can connect with you in ways they can't on a pre-produced video.

This video is a clip from a TGC Conference Panel involving Tim Keller, Richard Cochin, and Adam Mabry.