Daniel D Hochstatter

I became completely enamored with filming weddings after my very first one. Witnessing the uncontainable bliss of two people in love in breathtaking moving images is truly inspiring to me. After several years of success filming for businesses, non-profits, and various artists, nothing has felt quite as natural or fulfilling as filming weddings. My favorite part of the wedding video process is when the couple gets to see themselves and their wedding day carefully crafted on video and say “Wow! It feels like we’re there all over again. It looks even better than I remember it.

My Style

I like to remain discreet and encouraging in order to ease the nervous feeling of being “on camera.” This style of shooting leads to people looking like their true, natural self on video instead of looking posed or uncomfortable. 

At the end of the day it's not about what you wore, or where you were, or even the weather. It's about being yourself and knowing that you chose each other for a reason. It's the real moments, the in-between shots that show the true smile on your face between poses. It's the way the bride and groom look at each other walking down the aisle. It's you. That's what I aim to capture.