Wedding Day Information

By filling out this form, you enable us to be ready and right where we need to be all day long. Please be as thorough as possible as this will be our most helpful tool for staying organized on your wedding day.

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Bride's Name
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Wedding Date
If there are multiple days involved, please list the first date.
Please list the addresses of each location involved in your wedding day. This includes Bride and Groom Prep, Ceremony, Photography, and Reception locations
Should we need to get ahold of someone on the day of the wedding, please provide the best means of getting in touch.
Are there any special moments or surprises that you would like captured? Please let us know what, when, and where those will be happening.
This does not have to be the exact timeline but we would like to at least know the rough outline of the day as well as our suggested arrival and departure times.
Are there any specific parking instructions we should be aware of at any of the included venues?
What stylistic choices and content would make you absolutely LOVE your wedding video?


- We ask that a meal be provided for both the lead shooter and second shooter within earshot of the reception. It's a very long day for us and that meal is likely our only break all day. This keeps us focused and happy all through the night.

- We always encourage you to include personal moments in your day that tell the story of your relationship. Whether it's a speech, a card, or personal vows, the more we can capture your thoughts and feelings about each other, the more personal and valuable your wedding video will feel and the more you will love watching it decades from now.

- We will be sharing our video edits through Facebook (as well as Dropbox and a physical USB drive) so please like our Facebook page ASAP. This way we can tag you and share the video directly to your Facebook page. You can find our page at this link: